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DID YOU KNOW... TippingPoint customers were protected against 0-day exploitation of MS07-017 two years prior to the exploit being discovered in the wild.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer TextCharsAtom Record Code Execution Vulnerability

TPTI-10-02: February 9th, 2010


Affected Vendors

Affected Products

TippingPoint™ IPS Customer Protection

TippingPoint IPS customers are protected against this vulnerability by Digital Vaccine protection filter ID 9439. For further product information on the TippingPoint IPS:

Vulnerability Details

This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer. User interaction is required to exploit this vulnerability in that the target must open a malicious PowerPoint PPT file.

The specific flaw exists in the handling of TextCharsAtom (0x0fa0) records contained in a PPT file. Due to the lack of bounds checking on the size argument an unchecked memcpy copies user-supplied data from the file to the stack, overflowing key exception structures. Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to remote compromise of the affected system under the credentials of the currently logged in user.

Vendor Response

Microsoft has issued an update to correct this vulnerability. More details can be found at:

Disclosure Timeline

    2009-10-29 - Vulnerability reported to vendor
    2010-02-09 - Coordinated public release of advisory


This vulnerability was discovered by: