TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... Most phishing sites are hosted on compromised Apache + PHP + MySQL servers located in the US. Our Digital Vaccine service includes filters specifically designed to prevent potential victims from reaching many of these malicious sites.

Stopgap Detection for the Gozi PDF Dropper

Tod presents a quick fix search string that can help anti-spam administrators tackle the current Gozi trojan outbreak.

Trillian's Weakness Saves Me From The Creeping Death

The Trillian IM client makes migration a snap -- at the cost of any reasonable sense of local file security.

Phishy Business

In this entry we'll take a basic look at a recent Bank of America phishing page and show some tips as how to spot a phishing page.  "Phishing" is the use of social engineering and malicious technical tactics to steal personal identity information and credentials to financial accounts.  According to a report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, nearly 29,000 phishing s ...

Back From BlueHat

We just got back from the 6th Microsoft BlueHat conference. Kudos to Microsoft for unshackling their developers out of the dungeons for a couple of days in order to participate. We made a lot of great contacts, and hopefully imparted some useful information from our presentation as well. Lots of interesting talks, read on for more details.