TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... At the 2007 Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas, TippingPoint DVLabs had five speakers presenting on a variety of topics.

Stopgap Detection for the Gozi PDF Dropper

Tod presents a quick fix search string that can help anti-spam administrators tackle the current Gozi trojan outbreak.

Trillian's Weakness Saves Me From The Creeping Death

The Trillian IM client makes migration a snap -- at the cost of any reasonable sense of local file security.

Phishy Business

In this entry we'll take a basic look at a recent Bank of America phishing page and show some tips as how to spot a phishing page.  "Phishing" is the use of social engineering and malicious technical tactics to steal personal identity information and credentials to financial accounts.  According to a report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, nearly 29,000 phishing s ...

Back From BlueHat

We just got back from the 6th Microsoft BlueHat conference. Kudos to Microsoft for unshackling their developers out of the dungeons for a couple of days in order to participate. We made a lot of great contacts, and hopefully imparted some useful information from our presentation as well. Lots of interesting talks, read on for more details.