TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... DVLabs team members gave 20 presentations throughout 2010. Abstracts and slides are available here.

Ekoparty Wrap Up

Ekoparty 2009 is all wrapped and everyone had a great time. The venue was spectacular. An open split level warehouse which comfortably held the 500 researchers who attended this boutique con in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read on for further details about our DRINC competition, pictures and more....

IPS Testing Realities

It is not uncommon for my team to get calls from our sales teams in competitive evaluations asking us questions like - “Does the IPS protect against CVE-XXXX? How can we verify it?" Recently, TippingPoint was engaged in one such evaluation at a customer location and the subject of independent test lab reports was brought up. Typically, customers use a number of data sources before picking which vendors they will evaluate. It helps them eliminate chaff and spend their valuable time more effecti ...

Ekoparty 2009

TippingPoint is proud to be the diamond sponsor of the 5th edition of the Ekoparty security conference being held in Buenos Aires next week. We'll be giving away t-shirts, delivering a talk and hosting a fun contest. Read on for more details.