TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... DVLabs and our Zero Day Initiative were credited with discovering 17 Microsoft vulnerabilities in 2006 alone.

Blackhatnomics ™

Blackhatnomics ™ Whenever I present publicly and discuss the underground I am without exception asked at some point about the realities associated with the economics which perpetuate its (the undergrounds) growth.  Often I pause and consider where to begin.   Do I start with a clever anecdote?  Maybe a well thought out analogy?  Should I cite statistics or estimations referenced by industry pundit ...

Elegant Worm: How Stuxnet Is Redefining The Game

Brilliance and elegance are powerful adjectives most often used to describe things of beauty -- people, places, and things.  Works of art whether they are literary or visual; aural or editable often bear these designations but it is rare indeed when we see them used to describe malicious code & content.   Prior to the discovery and release of information related to the Stuxnet Worm, you may never have heard anyone outside of security rese ...

Top Cyber Security Risks 2010

Today, DVLabs released our Top Cyber Security Risks Threat Report for 2010. With help from the folks at SANS, Qualys and OSVDB we highlight the latest attack and vulnerability trends, as well as explore what these trends mean to the security administrator...

Security Advisory for NetWare 6.5 OpenSSH

This is a little information clarifying the exploitability of ZDI-10-169. Novell has classified this bug as a Denial of Service and will not be issuing a patch. Narrated by the Old Spice Guy.