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DID YOU KNOW... DVLabs and our Zero Day Initiative were credited with discovering 17 Microsoft vulnerabilities in 2006 alone.

ZDI Public Disclosure: Novell

These vulnerabilities are being published as per the ZDI disclosure changes announced in August of 2010.


Novell eDirectory Malformed NCP Request Denial of Service Vulnerability

This vulnerability allows attackers to deny services on vulnerable installations of Novell eDirectory. Authentication is not required in order to trigger this vulnerability.

The flaw exists within Novell's eDirectory Server's NCP implementation. Novell's eDirectory Server binds to port 524 for processing NCP requests. When the application processes a malformed FileSetLock request, the service will become unresponsive resulting in an inability to authenticate to that server.

As the affected process is bound to a TCP port, external exploitation of this vulnerability can be mitigated by ensuring no traffic can reach the machine on the specified port. This can be done at the network level with a firewall or other similar technology. The vendor has stated that the fix for this vulnerability will be included in eDirectory and eDirectory

Published On: 2011-02-07 17:06:34

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