TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... DVLabs and our Zero Day Initiative were credited with discovering 17 Microsoft vulnerabilities in 2006 alone.

BlackHole Exploit Kit

BlackHole exploit kit is yet another in an ongoing wave of attack toolkits flooding the underground market. The kit first appeared on the crimeware market in September of 2010 and ever since then has quickly been gaining market share over its vast number of competitors. In fact, many antivirus vendors now claim that this is one of the most prevalent exploit kits used in the wild. Even Malware Domain List is showing quite a few domains infected with the BlackHole exploit kit. So what is it that makes this attack toolkit stand out above the rest?

Cloud Security: Amazon's EC2 serves up 'certified pre-owned' server images

Cloud computing has quickly evolved from a hot industry buzz word into a multi-billion dollar emerging market, with all the big names striving to grab a piece of the pie. Amazon, with its Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), is arguably the dominant leader of the cloud services market. Even the video streaming giant Netflix moved its operation into Amazon's EC2, opting out of building out its own data centers. With such a high growth technology sector ...

Hammer of the Botgods: A New Variant of the ZeuS Botnet May Be Upon Us

Professionalism in the Underground It’s no secret to those who study illicit (shadow) economies that things change rapidly in order to meet supply and demand.  Profit (regardless of how you define it) remains supreme; loss the enemy.   This is true in all markets legal or illegal with cybercriminal markets being no exception.  Take botnets for example.  ...