TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Laboratories
DID YOU KNOW... DVLabs team members gave 20 presentations throughout 2010. Abstracts and slides are available here.

Pwn2Own Pre-Game

Incase you werent aware, Aaron Portnoy and I launched our training last year at Recon in Montreal. We had a great time and got some awesome feedback and suggestions. Since then we have revamped some of the material and added a new target (new bugs).

2011: The Year in Review

As the calendar year draws to a close we want to take the opportunity to disseminate some of the data that the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has acquired through the vulnerability purchasing program, reflect upon the state of (coordinated) disclosure and highlight some of the upcoming endeavors the team will be involved in. 2011 has been another record breaking year for the program with 350 researcher advisories and 14 internal advisories published thus far. 2012 promises to be another busy year for ZDI as the team has more than 160 upcoming advisories in the queue already.

Using Pastebin for Malicious Sample Collection

Services like Malware Domain List, Virus Watch and MalC0de are great for finding URLs of malicious content that may be interesting to collect and they provide us with a great deal of information that we use for further analysis. There are times when I am looking for specific samples and these services can't be used, that's when I turn to ...

Shellcode Detection Using Python

DVLabs has been collecting a large number of documents and files that are flagged as malicious and we're trying to decrease the number that we have to do a full manual analysis on. One of the methods we're using to aid in this is shellcode detection. If shellcode is detected inside the document we can reduce the amount of data we have to look at inside the file to find the attack. The majority of our code is in Python so shellcode detection using a Python module is preferable. ...