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DID YOU KNOW... TippingPoint customers were protected against 0-day exploitation of MS07-017 two years prior to the exploit being discovered in the wild.

Thank you Aaron

Thank you Aaron

In a recent tweet, some of you may have seen that Aaron Portnoy, the head of our Zero Day Initiative program has decided to move on to other opportunities. During his time with the organization, Aaron led our efforts in Vulnerability Research including managing the Zero Day Initiative and revamping the program to ensure we kept abreast of the threat landscape. His efforts have brought DVLabs many accolades through vehicles such as Pwn2Own and industry coverage with companies such as Frost & Sullivan where we have been positioned as the leader in vulnerability reporting for the past two years.

As the head of HP DVLabs, I will now manage ZDI and act as the primary contact through this transition. We are proud of our accomplishments in this area and look forward to continuing to enhance the program to further expand the leadership role we have established.

Scott Lambert

Published On: 2012-05-02 16:14:03

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