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DID YOU KNOW... Most phishing sites are hosted on compromised Apache + PHP + MySQL servers located in the US. Our Digital Vaccine service includes filters specifically designed to prevent potential victims from reaching many of these malicious sites.

ZDI Update – June 2012

For those that were at REcon last week, you may have met some of our ZDI Security Researchers and no doubt heard them talk about the upcoming Mobile Pwn2Own event at EUSecWest.  We are working with Dragos on the details and you should expect to hear from us regarding the rules and logistics in the coming weeks.  If you’re interested in participating as a contestant drop us an email (zdi@hp.com).

Back at the office, we are focused on business as usual - making offers, investigating cases and releasing disclosures.  We are actively working through our list of submissions and you can expect to see several 0-days being dropped as we chase down those vulnerabilities that are sitting in the queue. Stay tuned.

Published On: 2012-06-22 12:15:11

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